Monday, December 1, 2014

A Month of Bookish Faves: Introduction


My Reading Year

Number of Books This Year: 63 so far and my goal was 52. Nursing school in the beginning of the year had me slacking, then May-August I did so well, then starting my new job had be slacking again the last few months.

Most Read Genre: Contemporary! Almost half of my reading was contemporary!
  • Contemporary: 30 books
  • Historical Fiction: 16 books
  • Historical Romance: 6 Books
  • Romance: 5 Books
  • Fantasy: 4 Books
  • Science Fiction: 2 Books
Favorite Reading Location: Sitting by my pool! I read a lot of books out there this year.

Most Read Author: Looks like it was Debbie Macomber this year.

Some Stats
  • 61 of my books where by female authors, only two were male.
  • 24 books where young adult, 39 adult
  • Average days per book (rounded): 5 (that stinks!)
  • Average pages per day: 66
  • Average pages per book: 335
  • Books from the library: 24
  • Total number of different authors: 41
  • New-to-me authors: 29
  • I read the most in: August
  • I read the least in: March


  1. Thanks for joining us! It looks like your stats are great, especially with everything on your plate!

  2. I love your mix of adult and young adult books - can't to see what turned out to be your favorite.

    Tanya Patrice

  3. I curious what the two by male authors were. YAs?

  4. I too read a ton of books with female authors and hardly any by male authors. That kind of bugs me and I think this upcoming year I'll try to switch it up more. I wish I had a pool to read by! That's the life!

  5. I so rarely read books by male authors. I mean sometimes- but I'm mostly a female author reader. And I've been enjoying some old Debbie Macomber books!


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