Thursday, September 26, 2013

Book Review: Unbreak My Heart by Melissa C. Walker

Title: Unbreak My Heart by Melissa C. Walker
Series: Stand-Alone
Released: May 22, 2012 by Bloomsbury
Source: Library E-Book
Genre: YA Contemporary
Rating: 4/5

Summary from Goodreads:
Sophomore year broke Clementine Williams' heart. She fell for her best friend's boyfriend and long story short: he's excused, but Clem is vilified and she heads into summer with zero social life. Enter her parents' plan to spend the summer on their sailboat. Normally the idea of being stuck on a tiny boat with her parents and little sister would make Clem break out in hives, but floating away sounds pretty good right now. Then she meets James at one of their first stops along the river. He and his dad are sailing for the summer and he's just the distraction Clem needs. Can he break down Clem's walls and heal her broken heart?
I absolutely love well-written, non-cheesy YA contemporaries and Unbreak My Heart did not disappoint. This was definitely a summer read, I mean the majority of the whole thing takes place on a sailboat during Clementine's summer break. Honestly, it made me so nostalgic of vacations with my own family when I was that age. This story was sweet and cute and perfect for poolside reading.

I fell so in love with Clementine's family! My favorite YA novels are the ones where the family is one I'd actually want to be apart of. And, IMHO, those are a little too rare these days. And the love interest-James, how cute was James?

The story was told in pieces. We don't immediately find out exactly what happened between Clem and her BFF before the vacation. We find out a little and then a little more here and there throughout. We also don't find out James whole story either. This whole set-up makes for a VERY quick read. It was one of those "one more chapter... uh one more..." kind of things because you just want to keep finding out more information. Then before you know it your finished.

I definitely recommend for fans of YA, summertime, sweet comtemps.

Warning: this book WILL make you crave a summer sailing trip with a group of freakin' awesome people AND reminisce about summer loves.

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