Friday, August 29, 2014

Series Review: Luxe by Anna Godberson

Now that I've finished reading the Luxe series, all I want to do is binge watch all the seasons of Gossip Girl.

Oh my gosh, I had so much fun reading this series this summer. I didn't read them consecutively, I started Luxe in the middle of July and just finished Splendor that night, so early details are little bit hazy. This is definitely one of those series that I'd say I am going to "miss". I really grew attached to all these characters and it didn't help that, super weird as it may be, I pictured many of these characters as Gossip Girl characters. (Have I mentioned before I am obsessed with that show?)

If you've never seen the show, please feel free to skip over this bit:
Henry = Chuck Bass
Penelope = Georgina Sparks
Elizabeth = Serena van der Woodsen
Teddy = Nate Archibald
Carolina = Ivy Dickens
Diana =  Blair Waldorf
Sorry, Will Kellar did not come across as a Dan Humphrey for me. This was my Will Kellar:
You're welcome!!

Anways, so yes, this is such a fun series. These are the kinds of books you read just for the hell of it, because you need to something light and you need something that will let you escape for awhile. So much drama, scandal, money, parties, beautiful dresses, and decadence. Characters you love and characters you love to hate. It was enjoyable to watch (some of)  these people evolve over the course of a year(?) in 1900 New York City. 

We start off near the last quarter of 1899 when most of these people are 18-ish and the girls' worlds mostly revolve around finding the most suitable husband available. We end in the last quarter of 1900 and no one really ended up where they thought they'd be in the beginning. Some had happy endings and other not so much.  Honestly, this is a soap opera in book form with a historical setting. 

So, I think the whole series got wrapped up pretty well... but back to the point about "missing" these characters, I'd love to read more about them! In fact, I read the last page with my heart kind of hurting. I think there still could be so many possibilities. But then again, after too many books it would probably get boring. It's all okay though, I have a copy of Godberson's Bright Young Things sitting on my shelf waiting for me. :)

If you're looking for some scandalous, lavish reading to end your summer, or even take you into fall, you should check out this series. (If you haven't already, I mean these are pretty old books, comparably.)  

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  1. So, I haven't seen Gossip Girl, but I did really enjoy this series! It was just so entertaining and fun, and the last book wrapped everything up so well. And just…yeah. SO fun. Godbersen's a good enough writer that she can pull off such a cliché, shallow plotline, and so the two balanced each other out enough to create something really enjoyable.

    I definitely want to re-read this; like you said, I miss these characters and their overdramatic lives a lot.


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