Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Book Review: The Lady Most Willing... by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Connie Brockway

Title: The Lady Most Willing... by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Connie Brockway
Series: Lady Most #2
Released: December 6, 2012
Source: My Bookshelf
Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: 4/5

Summary from Goodreads:
Step into the glittering world of Regency and prepare to have your hearts warmed by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James and Connie Brockway...

During their annual Christmas pilgrimage to Scotland to visit their aged uncle in his decrepit castle, the Comte de Rocheforte and his cousin, Earl of Oakley, are presented with unique gifts: their uncle has raided an English lord's Christmas party and kidnapped four lovely would-be brides for his heirs to choose from ...as well as one very angry duke, Lord Bretton. As snow isolates the castle, and as hours grow into days, the most honourable intentions give away to temptations as surprising as they are irresistible.
I am still very new to historical romance, this being only my second novel in the genre, but I can see where people get hooked. This was such a cute, fun, little story! This is set up to be a "novel in three parts" but they each flow into each other so nicely. And because I am so new this genre, I would not have been able to tell where one author began and one ended if there wasn't a character shift.

So basically, there are four single women and four single men trapped in a cold castle in the middle of a huge snowstorm. Hmm... I wonder what could possibly happen next? I know I already said it, but "fun" is the best way to describe what ensues. This story had me smiling the entire time as I was quickly flipping pages.

I am very happy with each other couple pairings... which I won't outright state because it was enjoyable for me to find out while reading. Each story was truly equal and I can not say I liked any one more than another. (But maybe the second one just a small, tiny, tad-bit more; but only because the female main character was one of my faves!) I will definitely be looking forward to reading the other collaboration: The Lady Most Likely and other books by all three of these authors. (I have read and loved The Duke and I Julia Quinn; my only other historical romance!) 

A very enjoyable "in one sitting" read

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