My name is Kelley and I am a 26-year-old book lover! I am also a nursing student (getting a higher degree) and a full-time nurse. I love my job and even though it's nothing book related, it's still my calling. I am married to the love of life of eight years! And guess what? It was insta-love, haha! ;)

My favorite genre, by far, is historical fiction! Always has been (starting with little house on the prairie in 2nd grade) and probably always will be. I'm currently obsessed with the Tudor era. I also love, historical romance, YA (all genres but especially contemporary!) and I'm starting to become obsessed with fantasy. I am willing to try most anything as long as it has a little romance and it sounds good. 

I've been posting here and there on this blog since the end of 2012, but sporadically. Now that I am almost finished with school I have so much more time to read and work on this hobby. 

You can contact me at these places:

E-Mail: miletwenty2 [at] gmail [dot] com

And use the cute icons at the top of the page to find my most recent accounts. (I love instagram, so definitely find me there!)


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